NGC 3190 Galaxy Group

Early this spring I observed the galaxy group Hickson 44 in the constellation of Leo. I was using my 10″ dobsonian mounted reflector. I have loved looking at interacting pairs of galaxies but this was my first real cluster that was seen in a single field-of-view. I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed sketching it.

NGC 3190 galaxy group, Hickson 44

3 thoughts on “NGC 3190 Galaxy Group

  1. Buddy,

    Wow! You have really got off to a great start. I will for sure be following along with your progress, and new entries.

    Roger Ivester

  2. This group was quite disappointing to me this year, at least so far because of observing conditions. I think it will be too late now so I’ll have to wait until next year.

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