NGC 5907

Today I downloaded the Astronomical Leagues Flat Galaxy Club’s list of galaxies. I was thinking about flat galaxies after observing NGC 5907 last week while attending the East Coast Star Party. I was star hopping to NGC 5866 (M102) and came across this wonderful flat galaxy. I would have guessed it to be about 10 minutes long by 1 minute wide. Well guess what, it is object number 2946 in the Revised Flat Galaxy Catalogue and is 12.6’x1.4′ in size; it is also magnitude 11.3. I would have thought it to be brighter. It was a prominent streak of gray in the eyepiece. 

It so happens that I looked at this galaxy last year and sketched it. At that time the NGC/IC Project web page listed its magnitude as 10.7 and that is closer to what I thought it should be. I can’t wait for dark skies to look at this galaxy once again. This is one that you too will probably enjoy. Here is my sketch from last year. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did observing it.

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