Due to the weather, haze or a near full moon, I have not had a telescope out for almost four and a half weeks. I am becoming photon starved. It is clear tonight but due to the haze I am not able to see objects with my 10×50 binoculars that are a staple in town with the light pollution. So that you will know how bad it is, stars are only visible to a naked eye limiting magnitude of 3.7 and, for example, I was not able to see with binoculars M13, M92, M27, M22, and M8. Even M31 later on this morning, I tryed twice, was an extremely faint averted vision object. All of these bright Messier objects are visible in my binoculars on a regular basis, even with the light pollution but not tonight. The weather has been so bad that I am starting to have withdrawals. Will we ever have clear skies again in the near future without the bright moon up?

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