Some more Open Clusters

What do you call NGC 457? the Owl Cluster? the ET Cluster? or do you like me call it the Airplane Cluster? Personally I do not see an Owl. I can see ET in this cluster but the first thing that I see is a fighter jet with its afterburners on. I see ET’s upraised arms as swept back wings on the fighter. I guess I am a child of my times. What do you think people in the future will see in this cluster?

Caroline’s Cluster, NGC 225, is a cluster that I first became aware of when I read Roger N. Clark’s Visual Astronomy of the Deep Sky. It is one of nine clusters around the sky that he included in Appendix B for finding your telescopic limiting magnitude. This is a sparce cluster that almost fills the 34 minute field-of-view at 146x. I find that determining your limiting visual magnitude helps in telling you what may or may not be visible in the sky on any given night.

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