The Quest for the Youngest New Moon Continues

The New Moon will occurred on Monday, January  the 23rd at 2:40am Eastern Standard Time and wouldn’t you know it, It was cloudy and raining all evening. But Tuesday was another story, It cleared off right before sunset. So I took my 7×35 binoculars out at sunset and eight minutes after sunset I spotted the thin crescent Moon in the blue sky. Having spotted the moon at 5:47pm that would make the Moon 39.12 hours old when viewed.

Oh well, there is February next and it looks to be a good opportunity to see an early moon too. The New Moon will occur on February 21, 2012 at 5:35 pm. Sunset will occur on Wednesday February 22 at 6:09 pm making the Moon 24:31 hours old at sunset. Let’s hope for clear sky that evening.

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