Some Late Winter Objects for Observation

There are so many wonderful objects to see in the winter sky that I felt it necessary to add a few more objects for late winter observation.

1. NGC 2169 a bright Open Cluster in Orion. This bright cluster can be easily seen with 10×50 binoculars but with a telescope, you will see why it is named the “37” Cluster. I always enjoy seeing this one.

2. NGC 2359 Thor’s Helmet, or as some call it the Duck Nebula. This is a really good object that is seldom observed and that is well worth the effort. A OIII or a UHC filter will enhance your view although it can be seen without a filter from a dark sky site.

3. NGC 2237 the Rosette Nebula. A large bright nebula around the Open Cluster NGC 2244. A OIII filter will increase the contrast substantially. There are times that I think I can see this nebula around the open cluster with my 10×50 binoculars.

4. NGC 2440 a small bright box-shaped Planetary Nebula in Puppis is very interesting to hunt down. It takes magnification well.

5. NGC 2477 a bright mag. 5.8 Open Cluster in Puppis. Although this cluster never rises more than 18 degrees above my horizon, it is certainly worth your effort to find. This very dense, bright, magnitude 5.8, cluster contains 300 plus stars between mag. 11 to 14.

6. NGC 2346 a great Planetary Nebula in Monoceros known as the Hourglass Nebula. You may have some difficulty seeing more than the bright central area but try to see as much as you can.

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