My Equipment

I have several telescopes of differing sizes and types. I have 4 refractors, 2 MCT’s, 2 SCT’s and a Newtonian reflector. My two favorite telescopes are my 4″ TV102 and my 10″ Newtonian reflector. The C-11 is a great scope but is a lot of work to pack, setup, repack and store away for only a five-hour trip to observe. Then there is the little 40mm PST solar telescope.

This is my AT66 ED, a 2.6″ f/6 refractor and Orion Sky View Pro 127 mak-cass, a great little 5″ f/12.1 Maksutov. They are mounted together here on a Celestron ASG CG5 goto mount. (the Sky View Pro 127 mak-cass is now sold)

Here I am with one of my two favorite telescopes, the TV102 semi APO , a 4″ f/8.6 refractor.

This is me with my Celestron C-11 at the Greenbank Star Party in West Virginia, 2008.

This is my lovely wife Jeanette with her Celestron C-6 also at the Greenbank Star Party in 2008.

Here are my ETX-125 PE and ETX-70 AT out in the back yard with filters for some white light solar observing.

and here are my C-11, C-6 and TV102 cooling down for a nights observing at the East Coast Star Party in 2010.

I also have a Orion XT10i dob (my other favorite telescope) and a PST Ha solar scope in the stable. (No picture of it yet).

Then there are the binoculars. I have a few pair’s of them. There are the 7×35, 8×42, 7×50, 10×50, 16×50, 9.5×63 and 20×100’s. I love binoculars and as Phil Harrington says, two eyes are better than one. Binoculars are a quick and wonderful way to view the sky when you do not have the time to take a telescope out and set it up.

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